David Pozzati

What's next?

-Since the last weeks of February and the first weeks of March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic, has been hitting European countries and the U.S. The first infections occurred in the city of Wuhan, China, in January and since then the epidemic has spread throughout the world.
The measures to contain the epidemic in the last months have changed people’s way of life.
The Italian government, on March 9th, followed by other European countries and the U.S, ordered the shutting down of bars, restaurants and almost all public offices with the aim of avoiding contact between people and trying to reduce the spread of the virus.
Furthermore, authorities required all citizens to stay at home, asking them to leave their houses only to buy food and get medical supplies.
After two months of lockdown, in May and during all the summer season, in Italy, as well in Europe, cities re-started their economic activities, with many concerns about the virus course.
In fact at the end of the season the curve of infections deeply increased.
To the date the situation in many European countries is the same of the past March:
overcrowed hospital intensive cares and many region of Europe returned to the lockdown.
To the date 1,6 million people around the world are dead because of the virus, doctors in every country are working to find a vaccine against the Covid-19.
The current situation makes you wonder what the future holds.
Is the virus back or it has never left us? Are we safe? When we will finally see the end of it? No one knows what will happen next.