David Pozzati

David Pozzati was born in Prato, Italy, in 1983.
He completed a degree in DAMS disciplines of Art, Music and Theatre at the University of Florence.
In the meanwhile he started to work as a light technician in various theaters and productions in Italy, as well in Europe.
He started to get interested in photography at 26, when he lived in Spain.
In 2010 he came back to Italy and in 2016 started his career in photography focusing on news, environmental issues and under reporter human rights conditions.
He produced many reportages, including: an in-depth investigation called “Made In Italy” on the biggest Chinese community in Italy, focusing attention on the economic effects of the businesses they developed over the years. He also produced an investigation into mass tourism in the city of Florence, showing the city before and after the Coronavirus epidemic.
•Since 2018 he’s working on a project called “Endless Night” on the increased of poverty in Italy.
•Since 2020 he’s working on a project called “PERSONA” on the uncertainty brings by the Coronavirus epidemic.
He currently live in Florence.
2020 – PX3 Paris 2nd place Portraits.
2021 – PX3 Paris Annual photo festival exhibition.
2013  Noi ricordiamo, Festival della salute mentale, Firenze.
2011 – Officina Giovani, Prato.