David Pozzati

Endless Night

Poverty in Italy in the last twelve years has been increasing exponentially, a social phenomenon without precedent since the end of the Second World War.In 2020, as claimed by ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics) 5,6 million people were living in this condition, 2 million of them families, a million more people in 2020 alone, […]


“Uncertainty is the natural habitat of human life”.So wrote Baumann, the Polish sociologist and philosopher of Jewish origin in his essay “The Art of Life”. Uncertainty, a peculiar sentiment of modern society, is a constant in human life. When this feeling occurs in the face of a destabilizing event it produces feelings of discomfort, and […]

Made In Italy

For over 60 years Prato has been the most important city in Italy for the production of high level textile fiber.In the late 1990s, Chinese migrants started to arrive in Prato, most of them from the city of Wenzhou, in Zhejiang province.Nowadays, according to the local admistration, the Chinese community which now numbers 23.647 inhabitants, […]

Florence Mass Tourism

Over the last ten years, Florence has availed itself of an unstoppable growth in tourism: In the year 2019 tourist presences in the city reached 11 million, as claimed by the CTS (Center for the Study of Tourism of Florence) most of them flocking to the city centre. Hotels always booked, endless queues for the […]